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Banking in the age of the robot

This article first appeared in the Payments, Payments, Payments newsletter – read, subscribe and share: Banking in the age of the robot is the first in a series of trends papers which investigate social and economic contextual factors that are influencing millennials’ attitudes towards and engagement with the financial system.  The paper provides a snapshot analysis of how key trends […]


IBAN: The only bank account format you’ll ever need

What is an IBAN? … and why would I need one? Jonathan Williams, Director, Mk2 Consulting Standardisation is generally a good thing, at least that’s what ISO – the International Organisation for Standardisation – believes, and this applies to financial transactions more than most. The International Bank Account Number – pronounced “eye-ban” in the UK and US and “ee-ban” pretty […]


Northey Point’s Bookstore

Recommended reading: Add them to your reading list and let me know what you think. The Currency Cold War by David Birch The way that money works now is a blip. It’s a temporary institutional arrangement agreed in response to specific political, technological and economic circumstances. As these circumstances change, so money must change. Many people think that it will […]


Opening an account compares to putting pennies in a piggy bank: easy yet rewarding

Today, we feature a guest blog by university student Reuben Taylor sharing his experience on opening a bank account with Starling Bank. Reuben shares his experience: Generally, at some point in life (potentially multiple times) you will have to open or switch bank accounts. And with the current coronavirus pandemic placing restrictions on human interaction the move towards digital banking […]


Not being an ornithologist I pictured a small, weak insignificant bird perching on the branch of a small tree

There is much to thank the Midland Bank for launching ‘free in credit banking’ in the mid 1980’s but perhaps, an unintended consequence was, this act that led to all current accounts feeling the same. A range of utility current accounts from an ever decreasing number of providers offering the same vanilla banking. In early 1990 I made the most […]


Current Account Switch volumes impacted by COVID19

Pay.UK have just published the monthly Current Account Switch Service data for April 2020. The Current Account Switch Service (CASS) has completed 6.6 million switches since launching in 2013, 280,520 of which took place between January and March 2020. Despite the impact of COVID19, March saw the third highest number of Current Account Switches since the CASS service was launched […]


Switching winners

Today, 30 April 2020, saw the publication by Pay.UK of the Current Account Switch Service Dashboard covering the period 1 January to 31 March 2020. The Current Account Switch Service (CASS) has completed 6.6 million switches since launching in 2013, 280,520 of which took place between January and March 2020. With much talk of the rise of the challenger bank […]

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Making It Happen

‘A compelling account of Britain’s worst ever banking failure; as you read you will laugh, cry and fume’ Robert Peston I was in two minds as to whether I ought to read ‘Making It Happen’ but these events had a significant impact on my time leading the UK’s retail payments system – if you were in the industry during this […]