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Category: Payments


Blank credit cards

Garanti BBVA has begun issuing a rewards-based credit card that stores credit card numbers, expiration dates and CVV codes on a separate mobile app, rather than on the physical card itself. Customers of the Turkish bank can already apply for the new Bonus Diji card digitally and have it approved in a matter of minutes without the need for a […]


Pause for Payments with Kristy

In the latest episode of Pause for Payments, Kristy Duncan is joined by Liz Oakes, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Operations Banking, Mastercard for a discussion on the future of money – especially in the context of our new normal. Liz explains how people are making payments in the new normal and our recent adoption of contactless. Read, subscribe and […]


In Brief

In brief items from this weeks Payments, Payments, Payments newsletter: On the last day of September and LINK reported an ATM peak of 6,349 transactions in one minute but what’s happening to ATM withdrawals following the digital payment habits we formed during COVID? Second premium account from Monzo? You had to read Starling Bank’s #reachingout Tweet very carefully – a few people were caught […]


Paym: the UK’s mobile payment system

Pay.UK contacted us a few days ago to provide updated figures for Paym: the UK’s mobile payment system so we’ve updated our Paym briefing: Paym: the UK’s mobile payment system. Paym is a mobile payment system operated by Pay.UK and offered by the majority of the UK’s banks and building societies. Recipients are identified by their mobile phone number rather than […]


Mark Hoban appointed Chair of Pay.UK

Pay.UK, the UK retail payment systems operator, have announced the appointment of Mark Hoban as the new Independent Non-Executive Chair of its Board of Directors. Mark brings a wealth of experience in both public and private sectors, with a strong background in financial and regulatory arenas. Following a career in politics as Member of Parliament for Fareham where he held […]


Ever wondered what happens when you use a credit or debit card?

The UK’s Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) have just published an infographic with a simplified picture of what happens during a consumer debit or credit card transaction (except for American Express cards) where a transaction is authorised. Check out the PSR’s infographic: Payment Systems Regulator infographic: What happens when you use a credit or debit card? Read, subscribe and share This blog […]


The disruption caused by Covid-19 means that fintech’s time has come

Far from being the end of fintech, this the moment where financial innovation and disruption assumes centre stage says Natalie Ceeney. …it’s clear that the pandemic is accelerating the need for financial innovation and disruption. There can be no debate that the future is more digital. For every bank, insurer, mortgage lender or payments enabler, a priority is how to […]


Education: the secret ‘sauce’

Creative use of branch window space by Barclays, helping their customers navigate their mobile banking app. Picture: Mark O’Keefe This helpful piece of customer education reminded me of a piece I wrote a few months ago about education being the secret ‘sauce’ for the successful implementation of payments regulation…. Education: the secret ‘sauce’ for the successful implementation of payments regulation It’s 1997 […]


What do clients and kids have in common?

The planet found itself gripped by a virus that knows no boundaries, democratic nations wilfully complied with imprisoning STAY AT HOME pleas, and ordinarily over crowded bustling cities were brought to a peaceful but eerie standstill.  Even as we seem to be easing out of the crisis, what are small businesses most worried about whilst trying to work through (in […]


EPA launches fintech recovery programme

The Emerging Payments Association (EPA), which celebrates collaboration and innovation across the emerging payments industry, has launched Project Recovery to help the UK FinTech make informed decisions and equip them to survive in the post pandemic world. The FinTech sector has a key role to play in the UK’s economic recovery and so the aim of Project Recovery is to […]


Reviewing the payments mix

Introduction Cashflow remains the lifeblood of any business organisation and getting the monies in on time and with minimum fuss and effort can be critical to viability and profitability. Whilst the payment method, or perhaps more appropriately payment methods, have to work for the recipient organisation (the payee), they have to be effective and appealing to the payer. Today, it […]


Whether it’s reboot or recovery, the future is open

Today, 5 May 2020, Tony Craddock from the Emerging Payments Association shared news on the launch of Project Recovery / Reboot. On behalf of Eazy Collect I am pleased to lead this new group. Tony describes the purpose of the EPA’s Project Recovery / Reboot as a new working group, led by Mike Chambers of Eazy Collect and mentored by […]

Direct Debit

Direct Debit 101: Validation and Verification

A guest blog by Don Hollingum from Direct Debit 101. For more information visit: Why use Direct Debit? Direct Debit, the product, has been working for thousands of businesses, both large and small for over 50 years, and its usage continues to grow both in terms of the number of organisations that use it and the number of payments collected […]