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As a reader of Payments:Unpacked you will know that payment systems are vital to a country’s economy and play a remarkable role in ensuring that payment for the goods and services consumed are efficient, safe, resilient and friction-free. Given the popularity of last week’s “Don’t worry about it, I’ll Tikkie you” briefing we will now take a... Continue Reading →

Abusive transactions

NAB has becomes the latest Australian bank to automatically block abusive and threatening meassges in the description and reference fields of online payment transactions. More than 10,000 abusive transactions from 6,800 unique customers were blocked in March 2022. Payments in the NAB app on iOS and Android that feature offensive words and phrases won’t be processed... Continue Reading →

A “nation-wide” problem

You wait ages and then three buses turn up at once The old joke that you wait ages for one bus, then three come along at once, is bordering on cliché. But, according to City Monitor, it also turns out to be true and not just because of bad planning, but also because of maths1. The... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Real Time Payments

Akhil Rao has shared some insights on the adoption benefits of Real Time Payments (RTP). The ability to make payments in real-time comes with a number of capabilities and benefits. The most appealing of these to organizations is immediate access to receiving funds, transaction status, and control of cash flow. These assets created by RTP all... Continue Reading →

Perceptions of Consumer Protections in Payments

Pay.UK have published summary findings from primary research exploring perceptions of consumer protections in payments. The research explored a range of topics, including consumer understanding of payment behaviours; the role of protections; usage and attitude to Faster Payments; and perceptions and gaps in payment protections. Whilst the issue of fraud and APP scams are critical... Continue Reading →

Faster Payments – the UK’s Instant Payment scheme

How much do you know about the UK's Faster Payments scheme? Data source: Pay.UK In Thursday's edition of the 'Payments, Payments, Payments' newsletter we will be exploring the UK's instant payment scheme - Faster Payments. Don't miss out: Read, Subscribe and share at: northeypoint.substack.com/welcome Thursday's newsletter is a subscriber edition - use this free 7... Continue Reading →

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