ISO 20022: Are you ready?

Are you ready for ISO20022? Can't see the wood for the trees? Struggling to know that's important and where you should focus? Join Org's webinar and explore ISO20022. More and more information seems to come out from the regulators, timelines are confusing and seem to keep changing. Org’s ISO 20022 webinar on 18 March plans... Continue Reading →

ISO20022: Challenge and Impact

Accenture report that the global adoption of ISO 20022 is the most far-reaching and widely underestimated development in payments today. It’s not shocking that the transition hasn’t attracted the attention it merits. ISO 20022 is complicated and can seem downright mysterious even to payments specialists. The new standard has also been a long time coming.... Continue Reading →

CHAPS Payments in the property sector

The Bank of England is currently migrating the CHAPS payment system to the ISO 20022 message standard.   The new standard provides an improved message structure, including additional data beyond the core payment message. These changes will allow for simpler integration of payments into wider business processes, providing a range of benefits.  The benefits include: reduced process costs through minimising disputes and supporting straight through... Continue Reading →

Next Generation Standard for UK Retail Payments

Pay.UK has published a progress update regarding its consultation on the ‘Next Generation Standard for UK Retail Payments’, which closed earlier this year. Pay.UK's full conclusions on the consultation will be published by the end of 2020. 40 responses were received from a range of financial institution participants, service providers, end user representatives and other... Continue Reading →

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