Ain’t no IOUs when you pay DD

After over 50 years of faithful service we are well versed on the subject of the Bacs Direct Debit. With 4.6 billion DD’s processed each year they are the pre-eminent form of collecting regular payments efficiently and cost effectively from our bank accounts. This week’s Payments:Unpacked archive video is a 1980’s advert extolling the benefits of paying by... Continue Reading →

The safe place with the nice face

“The safe place with the nice face - your money safe with The Woolwich” In this edition of Payments:Unpacked Payments Past we feature a once very common name on the ‘banking’ high street - The Woolwich. The Woolwich Equitable Building Society (later Woolwich Building Society or The Woolwich) was founded in Woolwich in 1847 and remained a local institution until the early 1900’s when... Continue Reading →

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