Compliance and Job Skills Training

In partnership with iFinance Academy, the EPA and Northey Point are pleased to be able to offer an all-in-one solution for payments businesses to train staff effectively and efficiently on both compliance and job skills topics. Choose from a library of interactive, CPD accredited online courses created specifically for payments professionals, or work with the team to create an online training package to meet your business’... Continue Reading →

Financial Crime Training Rated Highest Priority For Employers

Payments employers have named ‘financial crime’ as the highest priority topic for staff training. The topic scored a 74% interest rating in a recent survey conducted by iFinance Academy and the Emerging Payments Association. “Our clients are experiencing a huge uplift in fraudulent crime and exploitation scams through a variety of transactional methods,” explained iFinance Academy’s Neill... Continue Reading →

Payments Briefing

The retail payments landscape Getting to grips with the UK's retail payments landscape can seem a complex and daunting task. The new 'Retail Payments Landscape' briefing from Northey Point covers a wide range of the UK's payment instruments, including Bacs, CHAPS, Faster Payments, LINK and cheques, and unpacks the eco-system that supports the operation of... Continue Reading →

Direct Debit 101: Validation and Verification

A guest blog by Don Hollingum from Direct Debit 101. For more information visit: Why use Direct Debit? Direct Debit, the product, has been working for thousands of businesses, both large and small for over 50 years, and its usage continues to grow both in terms of the number of organisations that use it and... Continue Reading →

Another newsletter? Why now?

Two very good questions! The answer is simple. Payments in the UK are on the cusp of transformational change and, in addition to my blog (, I plan to regularly share personal insights and perspectives on the changing payments landscape in the UK. A punchy, regular newsletter focussing on some of the key changes in... Continue Reading →


It’s been a good week so far. It is only Wednesday and I’ve signed a payments advisory contract, been interviewed on my thoughts on the progress made with Open Banking and written a piece on the importance of consumer education when implementing regulatory change. Even my 20 year old imported Renault Twingo successfully managed to... Continue Reading →

Ethics and relationship challenges, definitions and requirements

In his second guest blog Eliot Charles Heilpern – Chief Executive Officer at Parthenon Communications - explores ethics and relationship challenges, definitions and requirements. Eliot is also a Director and Co-Founder at The Payments Business – join the payments debate at the Throughout my professional career of 30 years, I have witnessed and experienced first-hand... Continue Reading →

Ethics: do we understand what these are, and once understood, can we achieve and live by them?

A guest blog by Eliot Charles Heilpern - Chief Executive Officer at Parthenon Communications. Eliot is also a Director and Co-Founder at The Payments Business - join the payments debate at There is a valuable and real sense of purpose concerning what I see as an “overlap” between the commercial, financial and “not-for-profit” sectors,... Continue Reading →

Speaking: The changing landscape of retail payments & a planned and inclusive transition into a cashless society

After over a decade as the Chief Executive Officer of the UK’s biggest retail payment system and bank account switching service Mike is pursuing a portfolio career. His portfolio includes an INED at a financial institution specialising in the custody and settlement of digital assets, a director at a leading Bacs bureau, undertaking payments advisory... Continue Reading →

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