Top 5 takeaways: Consumer Digital Banking Survey

Sarah Rutherford at FICO has commissioned a survey of 1,000 adults in each of fourteen countries to canvas them about their attitudes to opening a range of different financial accounts digitally using websites and apps. 

Sarah reports that there were some very interesting findings and some results that challenged her pre-conceptions and received wisdom! 

Sarah’s top five insights are:

  • Digital ‘natives’ probably aren’t who you think they are – unless you’re from Australia or New Zealand.
  • People understand why identity proofing happens but when it causes disruption tolerance is low.
  • Intuitive but flexible customer journeys are a basic requirement
  • We may be at an inflexion point for the use of apps to open accounts digitally
  • Using biometric security to protect accounts is accepted and even expected.

These are Sarah’s five highlights from the FICO consumer digital banking survey – but they’re just the tip of the iceberg of the insights uncovered. 

Find out more in FICOs white paper and associated podcasts:

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