Personal banking service quality

Ipsos MORI have published results of an independent service quality survey of personal banking in Great Britain.

The results are from an independent survey carried out between July 2019 and June 2020 by Ipsos MORI as part of a regulatory requirement, and the information is published at the request of the providers and the Competition and Markets Authority so you can compare the quality of service from personal current account providers.

Customers with personal current accounts were asked how likely they would be to recommend their provider, their provider’s online and mobile banking services, services in branches and overdraft services to friends and family. The results show the proportion of customers, among those who took part in the survey, of each provider who said they were ‘extremely likely’ or ‘very likely’ to recommend each service.

The survey considers: Overall service quality, online and mobile banking services, overdraft services and services in branches.

The top slots in the first three categories are shared amongst just four banks – Monzo, Starling, First Direct and Metro. 

The candidates for the final category, services in branches, is smaller due to some banks not operating a branch network – this sees Nationwide and Virgin Money grab second and third slot.

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