Accessing digital services with Bez and Nancy

The Bank of Ireland has launched a video tutorial series to give customers the skills and confidence to use digital banking services.

In March, the bank outlined plans to shut a third of its branches as it reaches a digital “tipping point” between online and offline transactions – a long-term trend accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the lender acknowledges that some customers are reluctant to use online and mobile banking because of security concerns or an unfamiliarity with the technology.

Its answer is a series of 15 video tutorials, called ‘Your Next Step’, which are introduced by Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Baz Ashmawy and his mum, Nancy.

We want digital banking to be accessible and safe for all our customers but we realise that, for some, it’s a leap they’re not comfortable making. “They might worry about pressing the wrong button or doing the wrong thing or they could be anxious about online security. That’s why we’ve designed this course to build their confidence and skills in these specific areas.”

Gavin Kelly, chief executive of the Bank of Ireland retail Ireland division

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