Converting pounds into kilograms

Can green Fintech’s save the planet?

In the latest edition of #fincuts Tanya Thourani asks:

  • How cool is it if your card doesn’t just buy things but fights climate change? 
  • How cool is it if Fintechs could convert pounds into kilograms of carbon emitted?
  • Can you tell which is killing more turtles: the plastic straw or your friend’s flight from London to Milan? 

Tanya argues that it’s really difficult to know what’s worse for the environment: your love for Amazon shopping, your Netflix streaming or your travel habits and asks whether you ever think of making socially responsible decisions with your money, ever.

Tanya’s latest  #fincuts illustrates how some green Fintechs are embracing environment-aware strategies and offer products to tackle climate emergency.

Read: Can green Fintech’s save the planet?

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