Spot the difference

Use the slider to spot the difference at the Kettledrum Cafe in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute

Can you spot the difference?

Back in February I made a confession – I paid cash for a beaut Bute meat pie.

I am sure I could have purchased a cashless sandwich from the COOP but when faced with a bueat Bute steak pie and chips at the ‘cash only’ Kettledrum Cafe in Rothesay I just had to visit the Post Office to withdraw some cash.

Mike Chambers, February 2020

Today, seven months later, I went back to the Kettledrum Cafe to treat myself to another beaut Bute pie – I was not disappointed.

My visit did have an ulterior motive however – had the Kettledrum Cafe started to offer cashless payment options since my first visit or would I need to make another confession?

As you can see from the spot the difference pictures above the cafe has become cashless since my last visit.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the cafe owner said that the move to offer cashless payment options had been driven by his response to the COVID pandemic.

The owner also said:

  • that the cashless adoption rate had been high – 65% of transactions were now cashless (from 0% in February).
  • the iZettle solution worked well for him (although he was slightly concerned about the fees for smaller purchases).
  • that going forward he was going to introduce a bank supplied POS device.

Oh, and I didn’t have to queue outside the Post Office in the rain to withdraw some cash.

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