A confession

It is always good to be honest – so let me confess…..

I paid in cash for two things today!

If you follow me on social media you’ll know that from the top of Shetland’s North Isles to the beaches of Lanzarote and everywhere in between I have been successfully cashless for a very long time.

I am often asked where I have struggled with my payment choice and it is hard to provide occasions where being cashless has been anything but a dream but today I have (finally) been provided with an example to use.

Today, I visited the beautiful Scottish island of Bute and, in addition to experiencing four seasons in one day, I found myself in an apparent cashless desert.

I am sure I could have purchased a cashless sandwich from the COOP but when faced with a bueat Bute steak pie and chips at the ‘cash only’ Kettledrum Cafe in Rothesay I just had to visit the Post Office to withdraw some cash.

I’m an advocate of payment choice so a cash transaction was a fair trade for a steak pie.

At an afternoon tea stop on the west of the island I was met with a similar ‘cash only’ sign. It seemed strange trading a paper bank note (albeit a nice Scottish one) for a couple of teas and an apple pie.

For the first time in a long time my preferred payment choice wasn’t available but I was happy to resort to cash for the fine hospitality of the people of Bute.

Back on the mainland now so normal cashless service is resumed.

Want to know more? Visit http://www.cashlessuk.org

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