Request to Pay is a new, flexible way for bills to be settled between people, organisations and businesses.

What is Request to Pay (RtP)?

RtP is a messaging service that has been created to complement existing payments infrastructure and gives billers the ability to request payment for a bill rather than simply sending an invoice.

For each ‘request’, customers will be able to pay in full, pay in part, ask for more time, communicate with the biller, or decline to pay. 

Request to Pay is:

….a secure messaging service framework launched on 29th May 2020. It is an overlay on top of existing payments infrastructure as a new flexible way to manage and settle bills between businesses and organisations as well as among friends.

For each ‘request’, the payer will be able to pay in full, pay in part, ask for more time or decline to pay and begin a dialogue with the requester. It gives more control to the person being asked to pay, but it also gives the Biller all the information they will need to reconcile the payment when it arrives.

The Framework is intended to help FinTechs and PSP’s to develop their services that interoperate with each other to deliver Request to Pay to their customers.


Ten things you should know about RtP

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What is Request to Pay:Unpacked?

The Request to Pay: Unpacked newsletter helps you get to grips with the UK’s new service that provides the ability to request payment for a bill. The newsletter delivers exclusive insights, hot topic briefings and unpacks the fundamentals of the new overlay service.

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