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Cashless in Shetland – Day 5

Day 5 in Shetland was more ‘cashfree’ than ‘cashless’ – coast walking at the top of Yell and not one shop or cafe to spend any money (cash or cashless). So far my ‘Cashless In Shetland’ experiment is suggesting that these islands can be almost as cashless as the UK mainland if you want. However, one aspect that is just […]

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Cashless in Shetland – Day 4

Another day, another ferry – this time from Gutcher (Yell) to Belmont (Unst). Great service, ran to time and very friendly staff but still cash only! A trip to the UK’s most northerly Post Office was a mixed (cashless) bag – cashless for stamps but cash only for the postcard to stick the stamp on! Also, paid £1 cash into […]

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Cashless in Shetland – Day 3

Landed in Lerwick early this morning after a rough (and eventful) overnight ferry crossing. First stop was to send an eBay parcel that I didn’t have time to send before I left England – just £3 to send from the Post Office counter at Bigton Community Stores – proudly displaying an ‘ApplePay’ logo. Scratched together a make-shift breakfast at the […]

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Cashless in Shetland – Day 2

Trek up from Carlisle to Aberdeen and onto the North Link ferry – our car was ‘upgraded’ from the freight ferry to join us on the passenger ferry. Rough seas expected on the overnight sailing to Lerwick. It was a cashless dream today: – limitless ApplePay at Shell for fuel and a Snickers – well done to Shell for not […]

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Cashless in Shetland – Day 1

For the last 41 weeks I have been conducting a cashless experiment – I’ve proved that it is entirely possible to dispense notes and coins to the ‘legacy’ payment hall of fame and have been liberated by contactless, CHIP & PIN and ApplePay. The experience has been universal – the same cashless experience in cities, towns and villages, a common […]

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Payments in the 1980’s – 1: Inbound CHAPS

We often say that in banking payments have gone from boring back office activity to the forefront of innovation and have even coined the term ‘paytech’ to prove that this transformation has occurred. Spending four decades in payments has caused me to pause and reflect on payments in the 1980’s. CHAPS had been live for 13 months when I started […]

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Press Release | Mike Chambers joins Eazy Collect

News Centre | Press Release | 16 April 2019 After a decade as the CEO of Bacs Payment Schemes Limited (the operator of the UK’s largest retail payment system) Mike Chambers has joined Eazy Collect Services Limited. Eazy Collect is a leading UK PayTech established in 2002 focused on delivering Direct Debit and payment management services via its Eazy Customer […]

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Cashless payments: What’s stopping you?

My 30th cashless week and, as a consumer, I’ve come to expect every payment I make to be non-cash based. But is it fair to expect even small shops and businesses to offer cashless payment options to its customers? Is it too difficult, too expensive, too technical or too time consuming for small shops and businesses to offer contactless payments? […]

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Vertical banknotes in Belfast

Spent the week in Belfast. As you would expect Belfast is as cashless as anywhere in the UK – even down to a 65p bottle of water in Boots. However, Northern Ireland has very cool bank notes so I did indulge in using an Ulster Bank ATM to withdraw a couple of the new vertical bank notes. Not sure how […]

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The #VerticalFiver challenge is on to raise funds for NI charities

Ulster Bank’s vertical five and ten pound notes are now in circulation, and the challenge is on to replicate the success of the #FirstFiver campaign. The brainchild of corporate fundraising consultant and recruiter John Thompson, the #FirstFiver campaign saw £12.5m go to charities across the UK through people taking up the challenge to donate their first new polymer £5 note to […]

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Six months cashless and its a breeze!

Six months cashless and its a breeze! If you want to be cashless in the UK you will find that there is very little to stop you and, based on my experience, cashless payments remove so much hassle when paying for stuff. Six months in and very few cash challenges remain – my cash only payments still to crack are […]

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Six month milestone

On Saturday I reach an important (payment) milestone – I’ve been (almost) cashless for six months. Each week I have posted about the triumphs and challenges I have faced and to be honest it has been a breeze – if you want to be cashless in the UK there is nothing to stop you. But what have I learnt over […]

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5.3 million ain’t bad

Mike Chambers | 3 February 2019 Bacs (now part of Pay.UK) recently released the Current Account Switching Service (CASS) data for the quarter ending 31 December 2018. The last quarter of 2018 was strong for Bacs and the account switching service with 235,000 switches successfully completing (up 22% compared to Q3 2018). The quarter of a million people in the […]