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Be as cashless as you want to be

This week it was a pleasure to answer some questions from a MA journalism student from the University of Sheffield. The student is currently working on a project about the impact of society going cashless and was interested to hear more about your experience living completely cashless. Here is what I said: 1: When did you decide to go completely […]

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Speaking: The changing landscape of retail payments & a planned and inclusive transition into a cashless society

After over a decade as the Chief Executive Officer of the UK’s biggest retail payment system and bank account switching service Mike is pursuing a portfolio career. His portfolio includes an INED at a financial institution specialising in the custody and settlement of digital assets, a director at a leading Bacs bureau, undertaking payments advisory engagements through his consultancy firm […]

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Direct Debit and Strong Customer Authentication

SCA 101 If you are reading this blog then you’ll already know a fair bit about Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). From 14 September 2019, the way in which bank or payment services providers verify identity or validate specific payment instructions will change. These European Union (EU) rule changes are designed to reduce the risk of a fraudster pretending to be […]

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Future of UX for Fintechs: is the branch dead?

Pleased to announce that I will be moderating this event – why not join me for the debate? 10 September 6pm to 9pm at 128 Queen Victoria Street, London Future of UX for Fintechs: is the branch dead? Join a lively debate around the future of UX in a BaaS world With the rise of mobile banking technology and fintechs, […]

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Eazy Collect becomes a Guarantor of Pay.UK

Eazy Collect Services Limited (Eazy Collect) are pleased to announce that they have been appointed a Guarantor of Pay.UK. Pay.UK was formed in 2017 and has brought together Bacs, Faster Payments, Cheque and Credit Clearing and UK Payments Administration. Pay.UK owns, manages and operates the products and services that enable a vibrant UK economy. Every day, individuals and businesses use […]

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FinTechs: Threat or partnership opportunity?

FinTech sector raising record sums The UK’s fintech sector raised more money in the first half of the year than in any equivalent period on record – a remarkable £1.7bn according to data just release by the growth company market analyst Beauhurst. The sector raised so much money that 2019 is already a record year for investment in UK fintechs. […]

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Mutual value through partnerships

Over the past few weeks I’ve been involved in working with a number of clients on proposals for new business – mostly these proposals have been FinTechs seeking to work with larger incumbent organisations. With the number of Bank / FinTech partnership deals increasing where will mutual value be found? Recently I attended a bank partnerships briefing organised by the […]

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Five tips for forming an effective Bank / FinTech partnership

Over the past few weeks I’ve been involved in working with a number of clients on proposals for new business – mostly these proposals have been FinTechs seeking to work with larger incumbent banking organisations. With the number of FinTech partnership deals increasing what are the attributes of a successful Bank / FinTech partnership? Recently I attended a bank partnerships […]

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Three simple Cashless tips

What cashless tip would you recommend? That was the final question I asked Cashless advocates on Twitter last weekend. Don’t just rely on carrying one card said one – or carry one card and use ApplePay on your phone with another card (maybe one Visa and one Mastercard?) Carry a contingency note in your phone case – just in case. […]

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Five cashless (non) challenges

In the interests of balance…… Following sharing the reasons for being cashless ( some of the leading cashless advocates in the UK have also shared their cashless challenges. Spoiler alert: More cashless blips than real challenges! 1: Minimum card spend – apparently against the Visa and Mastercard rules and thankfully now a rare sight on the UK’s High Street. 2: […]

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Nine Cashless Reasons

Whichever way you cut, splice or dice it cash withdrawals from the ATM’s operated in the UK by Link are decreasing. Less physical cash being withdrawn is heralding the swift march towards cashless becoming the default preferred payment choice for UK consumers. With UK Finance reporting that only 28% of payments made in 2018 were in cash it is clear […]

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15 Years Of Regular Giving Benchmarking – A Milestone Report

Over the last 15 years Rapid Data, an Access company, ( have been tracking regular giving trends and providing Direct Debit research data to the charity sector. Today, we see the publication of ’15 Years Of Regular Giving Benchmarking’, a free resource available from Rapidata – download the report at: Comparison and self scrutiny The report provides an insight […]

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Pay.UK’s Participant Advisory Council publishes annual report

The Participant Advisory Council (PAC) – the body that ensures that Pay.UK understands the needs of the industry by representing the interests of participants and advising Pay.UK on the impact of its decisions on them – has today published its annual report. The PAC seeks to improve the collaborative nature of the payments industry representing the interests of participants. The publication is available to […]

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The Money Revolution by Anne Boden

A couple of people have asked me what I think of The Money Revolution by Anne Boden. If you read just one book about managing your finances this is the book. Accessible, practical and relevant advice about taking control of your money, building wealth, conducting a smart money makeover & clever borrowing. Chapter by chapter Anne challenges you to review […]

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Cashless advocate praises isles after taking experiment north | Shetland News

A FORMER banking industry chief who is attempting to live without using notes or coins says Shetland is “largely just as cashless” as the rest of the UK after he visited the isles. Mike Chambers, who was formerly CEO of the BACS payment scheme which operates direct debit in the UK, has spent ne — Read on