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Request to Pay

Bringing instant remittances and automatic reconciliation together

UK Payments fintech Ordo announce strategic distribution partnership with e-money platform, Contis Ordo is making getting paid easy – helping businesses securely and simply collect bank payments from their customers. No hidden fees. No hassle. No worries. Open Banking is a game changer for businesses, not so much the technology, but what that technology means – no more waiting around […]

Request to Pay

SEPA Request to Pay Cheat Sheet

Paul van Der Valk and Mark Munne have produced an at a glance SEPA Request to Pay infographic – featuring the RTP process, features and benefits. The infographic is based on the draft rulebook and a final version will be published by the EPC in November. Check out Paul’s Linked In post: The new SEPA Request to Pay at a glance by […]

Request to Pay

Request to Pay: What is it and where’s the commercial opportunity?

Catherine Ferguson, Client Director at Manifesto Growth recently has written an interesting piece on the commercial opportunity for Request to Pay. Catherine explores two fundamental questions: Developing the front-end proposition: What’s the opportunity? Becoming a repository: What’s the opportunity? The article concludes: The key for entities grappling with Request to Pay is understanding where the specific opportunity lies for them, […]

Request to Pay

Request to Pay (RtP)

Request to Pay is a new, flexible way for bills to be settled between people, organisations and businesses. The service is being developed by Pay.UK – link: Pay.UK Request to Pay. Request to Pay is a messaging service that has been created to complement existing payments infrastructure and gives billers the ability to request payment for a bill rather than simply […]

Request to Pay

Pay. UK launches Request to Pay Framework

Pay.UK have launched the Request to Pay Framework – the message standards, rules, and terms and conditions for the development of Request to Pay services. The new Framework can now be used by organisations to create the first Request to Pay propositions, set to underpin a vibrant new market of payment messaging services. “The Request to Pay Framework represents the […]