Nine Cashless Reasons

Whichever way you cut, splice or dice it cash withdrawals from the ATM's operated in the UK by Link are decreasing. Less physical cash being withdrawn is heralding the swift march towards cashless becoming the default preferred payment choice for UK consumers. With UK Finance reporting that only 28% of payments made in 2018 were... Continue Reading →

Cashless UK is a reality

Great response to my poll 'How Cashless are you' - well 64 votes anyway. Results for what they are worth (hardly robust): 100% cashless = 33% 75% cashless = 52% 50% cashless = 13% 25% cashless = 2% So, 85% of respondents said that they are either completely cashless or well on the way to... Continue Reading →

Like cash, only Easier

Half way through 2019 and my blog of 1 January is proving to be quite relevant. It's not a theoretical debate about the merits of 'cash' versus 'cashless' but a desire to ensure that the UK has a broad mix of efficient, inclusive and accessible options for the consumer to decide how they pay for... Continue Reading →

Small things make a cashless difference

Update 20 June 2019: Thanks to Mark who pointed me to the First Bus iPhone app, cashless tickets on my iPhone as an alternative to the slow POS machine onboard the Park and Ride bus. Making even more cashless difference. Small things make cashless so effortless - making sure I had the right coins every... Continue Reading →

Cashless In Shetland – the verdict

My Shetland cashless experiment has finished - the overnight North Link Ferry has deposited me back in Aberdeen. 42 weeks cashless on the British mainland - would it be possible to be cashless on the most northerly islands of the UK? Is it possible for all UK citizens to dispense notes and coins to the... Continue Reading →

Cashless In Shetland – Day 7

Leaving Shetland today - overnight North Link Ferries service to Aberdeen. Cash only day today - pop- up cafe at the excellent Sandness on Shetland mainland - worth the cash spend for a welcome lunch! We need to find ways for 'pop-up' and community enterprises to be able to easily (and cheaply) accept cashless payments.... Continue Reading →

Cashless in Shetland – Day 6

Spent the day on the island of Fetlar - an island that has an interesting cashless and money remittance past. During the 18th and 19th Centuries the laird's of Fetlar we're making a good part of their income from deep sea fishing - exporting salted, dried fish. The laird's tenants were bound to fish for... Continue Reading →

Cashless in Shetland – Day 5

Day 5 in Shetland was more 'cashfree' than 'cashless' - coast walking at the top of Yell and not one shop or cafe to spend any money (cash or cashless). So far my 'Cashless In Shetland' experiment is suggesting that these islands can be almost as cashless as the UK mainland if you want. However,... Continue Reading →

Cashless in Shetland – Day 4

Another day, another ferry - this time from Gutcher (Yell) to Belmont (Unst). Great service, ran to time and very friendly staff but still cash only! A trip to the UK's most northerly Post Office was a mixed (cashless) bag - cashless for stamps but cash only for the postcard to stick the stamp on!... Continue Reading →

Cashless in Shetland – Day 3

Landed in Lerwick early this morning after a rough (and eventful) overnight ferry crossing. First stop was to send an eBay parcel that I didn't have time to send before I left England - just £3 to send from the Post Office counter at Bigton Community Stores - proudly displaying an 'ApplePay' logo. Scratched together... Continue Reading →

Cashless in Shetland – Day 2

Trek up from Carlisle to Aberdeen and onto the North Link ferry - our car was 'upgraded' from the freight ferry to join us on the passenger ferry. Rough seas expected on the overnight sailing to Lerwick. It was a cashless dream today: - limitless ApplePay at Shell for fuel and a Snickers - well... Continue Reading →

Cashless in Shetland – Day 1

For the last 41 weeks I have been conducting a cashless experiment - I've proved that it is entirely possible to dispense notes and coins to the 'legacy' payment hall of fame and have been liberated by contactless, CHIP & PIN and ApplePay. The experience has been universal - the same cashless experience in cities,... Continue Reading →

Six month milestone

On Saturday I reach an important (payment) milestone - I've been (almost) cashless for six months. Each week I have posted about the triumphs and challenges I have faced and to be honest it has been a breeze - if you want to be cashless in the UK there is nothing to stop you. But... Continue Reading →

18 Cashless Weeks

To be honest it wasn't difficult to ensure that week 18 of my cashless experiment was a success - the festive season didn't make any serious cash based payment demands. Last weeks 'near miss' of being confronted with the almost extinct 'minimum spend' debit card machine tried to catch me out again but, rather than... Continue Reading →

* Article updated 20:02 3/1/19 * Although I might be an advocate of a planned and inclusive transition into a cashless society it is important that the pace of the UK's transition is driven by the consumer deciding how they want to pay. Burkhard Balz at the German Bundesbank hit the nail on the head... Continue Reading →

Like cash, only easier

“Consumers should be able to decide for themselves how they pay. For us, it is important to have a broad mix of options and that efficient methods for payment are available” - Burkhard Balz, Bundesbank, Germany. 2018 saw the transition towards a cashless society in the UK gather significant pace supported by a proliferation of... Continue Reading →

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