Compliance and Job Skills Training

In partnership with iFinance Academy, the EPA and Northey Point are pleased to be able to offer an all-in-one solution for payments businesses to train staff effectively and efficiently on both compliance and job skills topics. Choose from a library of interactive, CPD accredited online courses created specifically for payments professionals, or work with the team to create an online training package to meet your business’ requirements. Take a look at […]


Accessing digital services with Bez and Nancy

The Bank of Ireland has launched a video tutorial series to give customers the skills and confidence to use digital banking services. In March, the bank outlined plans to shut a third of its branches as it reaches a digital “tipping point” between online and offline transactions – a long-term trend accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the lender acknowledges […]

Request to Pay

Not why but how and when

A thought provoking guest blog “Why Request to Pay, Europe’s answer to PayPal, Apple and Google, will change payment processes” by Stefan Walde of AirPlus has just been published in The Company Dime. Stefan’s article starts with this introduction:  Stefan goes on to consider: RtP being competition for the classic credit card. RtP friend or foe? RtP no more back and forth authorisation. […]

Confirmation of Payee

Ten Confirmation of Payee ‘take aways’

It’s not a silver bullet but… It all stared with a Which? Super Complaint in 2017 demanding that banks in the UK must do more to protect its customers from Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud. In 2020 the Confirmation of Payee (CoP) service was formally launched in UK to help reduce fraud and misdirected payments. Confirmation of Payee helps protect […]


Latest articles

Here’s a selection of articles written by Mike Chambers which have recently featured in third party publications: PCN Magazine – July 2021 Have digital options even replaced the petty cash tin? Click on the image to access the article. Global Banking & Finance Review – July 2021 The transformation of payments during the pandemic Click on the image to access […]

New Payment Architecture

An amazing sub-structure that makes modern life so much easier

New Payments Architecture  The payments regulator is very clear on its views on interbank payments and the systems that support these payments. Whether paying employee wages, or transferring money to a friend using internet banking, interbank payments are a key part of everyday life for businesses and consumers alike. It’s vitally important that they run smoothly and rise to the challenges of the future. […]

Request to Pay

Around the World in Request to Pays

A round-up of how Request to Pay is rolling out around the world The world is waking up to Request to Pay (R2P) as the answer to convenient and affordable digital bill payments. Request to Pay has arrived and is expanding globally.   We are pleased to feature a guest blog by Peter Cornforth. In this article Peter looks at some of the […]


Unpacking the latest (payments) industry developments

The Payments:Unpacked newsletter from Mike Chambers at Northey Point explores a wide range of the UK’s payment news including: Open Banking, Request to Pay, Direct Debit, Confirmation of Payee, Bacs, CHAPS, Faster Payments, LINK, cash, cards and cheques and unpacks the eco-system that supports the operation of these systemically important payment systems. The premium newsletter option offers: Quarterly performance analysis of the Current Account Switching Service, monthly round up […]

Direct Debit

Improving subscription renewal rates

Access PaySuite have been sharing their views on improving subscription renewal rates. For many companies, the key metric they look at is how many new subscribers they are bringing on board but this misses an important point about leaky buckets. The larger the hole, the more water you are going to need to put in to fill it, and if you stop […]


Financial Crime Training Rated Highest Priority For Employers

Payments employers have named ‘financial crime’ as the highest priority topic for staff training. The topic scored a 74% interest rating in a recent survey conducted by iFinance Academy and the Emerging Payments Association. “Our clients are experiencing a huge uplift in fraudulent crime and exploitation scams through a variety of transactional methods,” explained iFinance Academy’s Neill Butcher. “It’s absolutely right that […]

Confirmation of Payee

Confirmation of Payee Call For Views

The Payment System Regulators call for views on Phase 2 of the implementation of Confirmation of Payee (CoP) closed at the end of June. The call for views outlined the findings of the PSR’s analysis of the impact of Phase 1 of CoP (following Specific Direction 10 which was served on the UK’s six biggest banking groups) and the feedback […]


Shrap aims to replace coins with chargecard and app

A new change card and app designed to replace coins by start-up Shrap has started real life trials – with the first two pilots now underway in Rochford in Essex and Denny in Scotland as part of the UK’s Community Access to Cash Pilots. With a significant reduction in cash use – particularly during the Coronavirus pandemic – the cost of maintaining […]

Direct Debit

Trust and Tipping Point

Processing 4.5 billion transactions a year the UK’s Direct Debit system is firmly established as a key part of our payments system. In this blog we find out that the UK’s Direct Debit system has inspired innovative thinking in the UAE. This is a guest blog written by Ummair Butt and published by the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies. Story […]

Request to Pay

Request to Pay’s Grand Tour

We are often asked about the parallel developments of the UK and European flavours of Request to Pay and how they might work together.  Following the launch of the European version on June 15th, we thought it an ideal time to signpost the bigger differences. Where Request to Pay (and SEPA R2P) have come from The UK version of Request to […]