Banking in the age of the robot

This article first appeared in the Payments, Payments, Payments newsletter – read, subscribe and share: Banking in the age of the robot is the first in a series of trends papers which investigate social and economic contextual factors that are influencing millennials’ attitudes towards and engagement with the financial system.  The paper provides a snapshot analysis of how key trends […]


FCA’s and PSR’s joint approach to Access to Cash

The Payments System Regulator (PSR) state that ‘for many people cash continues to be a vital way of making payments, despite the changes brought about by Covid 19. As High Streets prepare to re-open, more shops will rely on the availability of cash and the ability to access banking services such as deposit facilities to be able to operate.’ Access […]


Is the post COVID-19 world a cashless one?

This article first appeared in the Payments, Payments, Payments newsletter – read, subscribe and share: The start of lockdown in March 2020 saw the use of cash in the UK halve in a matter of days. Has this begun a move towards becoming a cashless society? What are the benefits, opportunities, and concerns of such a change? It may […]


FCA: Maintaining access to cash for customers

The FCA has published draft guidance for firms setting out its expectations for banks, building societies and credit unions when they are considering closing branches or ATMs, or converting a free to use ATM to pay to use. The FCA wants to ensure that firms treat their customers fairly when closing a branch or ATM, including considering what alternatives they can provide […]

Open Banking

Enhanced current account switching in the era of Open Banking

This article first appeared in the Payments, Payments, Payments newsletter – read, subscribe and share: The latest Current Account Switch Service discussion paper provides an update on work to consider how the UK’s current account switch journey could evolve in an era of Open Banking. Enhancing current account switching in the era of Open Banking examines the switch journey today and […]

Risk and Compliance

API Compliance and Risk

API compliance and risk: Why traditional approaches may fail This is a risk and compliance based guest blog by Northey Point associate Mark Rodgers. For more information visit: Regulatory and Compliance Corner. Gone are the days (not too long ago) when APIs existed only in old fusty back office systems, yanked out of their electronic cages when called on (literally) […]

Risk and Compliance

Risk and Compliance

As part of the development of Northey Point’s website and the Payments, Payments, Payments newsletter we are pleased to launch “RC Corner”. Led by Northey Point associate Mark Rodgers “RC Corner” will explore payments from a risk and compliance perspective. Businesses face steep challenges in regulation which present twin peaks of difficulties to meet increasing risk and regulatory compliance sophistication and simultaneously fulfilling and maintaining the regulatory promise, […]


EPA launches fintech recovery programme

The Emerging Payments Association (EPA), which celebrates collaboration and innovation across the emerging payments industry, has launched Project Recovery to help the UK FinTech make informed decisions and equip them to survive in the post pandemic world. The FinTech sector has a key role to play in the UK’s economic recovery and so the aim of Project Recovery is to […]


The dawn of digital currency

A quarter of a century ago, a window into the money of the future opened in Disney World’s twin town in England, Swindon.  Yes, Swindon. Last week saw the Silver Jubilee of the launch of the world’s first central bank digital currency (CBDC), Mondex, in my home town of Swindon. I sure a great many people have never heard of it, but […]


Reviewing the payments mix

Introduction Cashflow remains the lifeblood of any business organisation and getting the monies in on time and with minimum fuss and effort can be critical to viability and profitability. Whilst the payment method, or perhaps more appropriately payment methods, have to work for the recipient organisation (the payee), they have to be effective and appealing to the payer. Today, it […]


Tipping – the final cashless frontier

As a cashless advocate tipping is the final frontier for me – whilst I find that most places provide digital tipping options my favourite restaurant and my barber both have stuck to cash only tips for their staff. After reading about thankU in the Daily Telegraph and The Times I invited thankU creator Adrian Harris to write a guest blog […]


Who (really) invented the ATM?

In this week’s subscriber edition of Payments, Payments, Payments we take a look at the invention of the cash dispensing Automated Teller Machine (ATM). It is claimed that the world’s first ATM was unveiled at Barclays Bank in Enfield in June 1967, but the real inventor of the bank cash machine has been a source of dispute for years. Over […]


Newsletter Insights

The following mini insights originally featured in this week’s edition of my newsletter – Payments, Payments, Payments. Top rated current account The Times “Money Mentor” has released its analysis of top rated current accounts. Money Mentor consider that a top-rated current account will have lower than average charges, including lower than average fees for using your debit card abroad and reasonable […]


Subscriber Editions

In addition to my weekly newsletter I also produce a weekly ‘subscriber’ edition. So far, we’ve explored the UK’s retail payments landscape, looked at the world’s first 24*7*365 instant payment system, considered the 6.5 billion payments processed each year by Bacs and explored the UK’s RTGS system. Graphic: Northey Point / Data Source: Pay.UK Click on the following link for a 60 day free subscription […]

Request to Pay

Request to Pay (RtP)

Request to Pay is a new, flexible way for bills to be settled between people, organisations and businesses. The service is being developed by Pay.UK – link: Pay.UK Request to Pay. Request to Pay is a messaging service that has been created to complement existing payments infrastructure and gives billers the ability to request payment for a bill rather than simply […]