Switching winners

Today, 30 April 2020, saw the publication by Pay.UK of the Current Account Switch Service Dashboard covering the period 1 January to 31 March 2020. The Current Account Switch Service (CASS) has completed 6.6 million switches since launching in 2013, 280,520 of which took place between January and March 2020. With much talk of the rise of the challenger bank […]

Direct Debit

Sometimes the smallest enhancement to my banking app brings a disproportionate smile to my face.

Sometimes the smallest enhancement to my banking app brings a disproportionate smile to my face. As you would expect I’m a massive fan of the consumer benefits of the Bacs Direct Debit Guarantee and would always choose to make my regular payments by Direct Debit safe in the knowledge that I am protected should something go wrong with my payment. […]

Direct Debit

Direct Debit 101: Validation and Verification

A guest blog by Don Hollingum from Direct Debit 101. For more information visit: Why use Direct Debit? Direct Debit, the product, has been working for thousands of businesses, both large and small for over 50 years, and its usage continues to grow both in terms of the number of organisations that use it and the number of payments collected […]

Open Banking

Unleashing the Potential of Open Banking

The Emerging Payments Association (EPA), which celebrates collaboration and innovation between new and existing finance companies, has today (28 April 2020) published a report on open banking. Northey Point was pleased to be a contributor to this report. The report provides an analysis of opportunities for payments in open banking and strategies for realising them. With an overview of global […]


The future of cash post COVID-19

Moving the “UK Fintech Week 2020″ to an online format was a smart move – especially as it meant that I could join the excellent ‘The Future of Cash Post COVID-19” webinar moderated by Natalie Ceeney and supported by Graham Mott and John Howells from LINK (the operator of the UK’s ATM network) – all from the comfort of a […]


Gerard Kenny, Industry Leader or Business Leader

A guest blog by John Doyle, Managing Director, The Payments Business. To find out more visit: The world is divided into two types of leaders (well there are probably many more, but we’ll settle on two for now). Corporate Leaders who successfully build businesses and Industry Leaders who successfully impact on society or economic behavior. Gerard is clearly the […]

Regulatory 0

Payment Systems Regulator publishes 2020/21 annual plan

This morning the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) published their annual plan and budget for 2020/21. Given that the plan was finalised before the impact of COVID19 had affected our daily lives, Chris Hemsley’s (PSR, Managing Director) ‘launch’ video explains that the PSR will need to adjust the plan to reflect the significance of the pandemic, whilst ensuring that payment systems […]

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Making It Happen

‘A compelling account of Britain’s worst ever banking failure; as you read you will laugh, cry and fume’ Robert Peston I was in two minds as to whether I ought to read ‘Making It Happen’ but these events had a significant impact on my time leading the UK’s retail payments system – if you were in the industry during this […]

Cashless 0

Cashless and contactless for COVID19

Cash usage dropped by half over the last week, it is vital that digital payment options are accessible, inclusive and equitable for all in society. The planned increase of the contactless limit from 1 April is an excellent first step. However, don’t forget that with digital wallets like ApplePay payments are not constrained by a limit. Just 6 days away […]

Direct Debit

Harnessing the Benefits of Direct Debit

A guest blog by Don Hollingum from Direct Debit 101: Direct Debit has seen many advances since it was introduced over 50 years ago, and not just in the volume of payments collected. Direct Debit has seen many new stakeholders entering the market which has provided many new opportunities for collecting organisations. All participants are governed by one set […]

Confirmation of Payee 0

APP fraud losses hit £456 million in 2019 as the implementation of Confirmation of Payee is delayed

Authorised push payment (APP) fraud is soaring, in 2019 there were 122,437 APP fraud cases in the UK, with losses hitting £456 million, up from £354 million in 2018. Of particular note is the sobering fact that financial providers only returned about a quarter of losses (£116 million) to victims. UK Finance (the body that represents banks and other financial […]