Shrap aims to replace coins with chargecard and app

A new change card and app designed to replace coins by start-up Shrap has started real life trials – with the first two pilots now underway in Rochford in Essex and Denny in Scotland as part of the UK’s Community Access to Cash Pilots. With a significant reduction in cash use – particularly during the Coronavirus pandemic – the cost of maintaining […]

Direct Debit

Trust and Tipping Point

Processing 4.5 billion transactions a year the UK’s Direct Debit system is firmly established as a key part of our payments system. In this blog we find out that the UK’s Direct Debit system has inspired innovative thinking in the UAE. This is a guest blog written by Ummair Butt and published by the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies. Story […]

Request to Pay

Request to Pay’s Grand Tour

We are often asked about the parallel developments of the UK and European flavours of Request to Pay and how they might work together.  Following the launch of the European version on June 15th, we thought it an ideal time to signpost the bigger differences. Where Request to Pay (and SEPA R2P) have come from The UK version of Request to […]

Confirmation of Payee

Confirmation of Payee (CoP): To be or not to be?

In John Bertrand’s latest article on Confirmation of Payee he notes that banks / PSPs (Payment Service Providers) not offering Confirmation of Payee (CoP) could be aiding and abetting fraudsters. Inspired by Shakespeare, John wonders: To CoP, or not to CoP, that is the question Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous scams, […]

Direct Debit

I had many meetings with stuffy bankers but gradually, by persistence, I wore them down

Alastair Hanton, who has died aged 94, was the inventor of Direct Debit, a founder of National Girobank, and a tireless campaigner for causes ranging from sustainable transport to Christian Aid. It was in 1964, as an executive of Unilever, that Hanton came up with a solution to the problem of collecting variable payments from thousands of ice-cream sellers – […]

Request to Pay

Webinar – Request to Pay: Lead or Lag?

Is your organisation ready for Request to Pay? Time-lined to coincide with the planned June launch of the Single Euro Payments Area Request to Pay (SEPA Request to Pay), this virtual expert panel discussion tackles the big questions that surround Request to Pay adoption including, when financial services companies should look to adopt it, what the technology roadblocks are, and […]

Request to Pay

A.P.P. to app: How to avoid email and text scams

Online fraud has blossomed, and it’s easy to become a victim In recent months we’ve seen a dramatic increase in fraudsters exploiting our increased volume of online shopping to con innocent victims into sending vast sums of money and personal details.  The latest research published by UK Finance suggests that UK Finance members reported 149,946 incidents of Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams in 2020 […]


Have digital options even replaced the petty cash tin?

Any glance at any payment statistic, from Faster Payments to contactless, to click and collect and to the growing global trend of Request to Pay, would suggest that cash no longer has a place in any business in this mid- pandemic 2021 digital world.  Have digital options even replaced the petty cash tin? In a later post we will look […]


Top 5 takeaways: Consumer Digital Banking Survey

Sarah Rutherford at FICO has commissioned a survey of 1,000 adults in each of fourteen countries to canvas them about their attitudes to opening a range of different financial accounts digitally using websites and apps.  Sarah reports that there were some very interesting findings and some results that challenged her pre-conceptions and received wisdom!  Sarah’s top five insights are: Digital […]


New Forms of Digital Money

The Bank of England has today published a Discussion Paper which aims to broaden the debate around new forms of digital money and seek views on the Bank’s emerging thoughts on the subject. These new forms of digital money could be New forms of digital money or privately provided. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is the term used to describe […]

Request to Pay

Request to Pay, Lead or Lag?

Is your organisation ready for Request to Pay? Join Answer Pay, Accenture and FIS for our virtual expert panel discussion “Request to Pay, Lead or Lag?” on June 22 at 2pm. Time-lined to coincide with the planned June launch of the Single Euro Payments Area Request to Pay (SEPA Request to Pay), this virtual expert panel discussion tackles the big questions that surround Request to Pay […]


Pairing chip cards to a wearable with a phone tap

Digiseq have announced a wearables breakthrough through a mobile app that can turn any supported object embedded with an NFC chip into a contactless payment device. The firm’s Manage Mii mobile app enables ‘Rapid Contactless Personalisation’ for consumers to embed any supported object, from shirt cuffs to jewellery, with contactless payment capabilities with just a tap of their phone.  The service […]


Did Covid-19 kill cash? A look at cash use in 2020

Covid-19 has had an unprecedented effect on people’s lives. Analysing this through the lense of consumer payments, the lockdown measures have had a colossal impact on the majority of businesses as they were forced to shut and people remained indoors in an effort to fight the virus. These measures suppressed normal behaviour and, as a result, suppressed normal spending patterns: […]


Bank account switches double

Bank account switches using the UK’s Current Account Switching Service have doubled since the start of the year (January 30,841 and April 62,012). Using the April data as a guide this would equate to 744,000 bank account switchers over 12 months compared to circa 1 million switches each year pre-COVID. More: Current Account Switching Service Tracker.

Request to Pay

Get to grips with Request to Pay

In this guest blog, Gary Parlett, CEO of Answer Pay shares 5 important facts that make Request to Pay one of the most interesting innovations in the payments space happening in 2021. As a biller, Bank or PSP, have you heard of Request to Pay yet?  When I first learnt of the proposition it was easy to see why it […]