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Lockdown legacy: Confidence in trying new digital payment methods

Research by American Express reveals that one third of UK consumers (33%) feel confident trying new online payment methods. Additionally, one in five (20%) report that the pandemic has made them more open to trying new forms of payment online, with the same number (20%) stating that it has also changed the way that they think about how they pay for products and services online. The […]


Webinar: Did Covid-19 kill cash? A look at cash use in 2020

Covid-19 has had an unprecedented effect on people’s lives. Analysing this through the lense of consumer payments, the lockdown measures have had a colossal impact on the majority of businesses as they were forced to shut and people remained indoors in an effort to fight the virus. These measures suppressed normal behaviour and, as a result, suppressed normal spending patterns: […]


Five ways for a Fintech to make money

Tanya Thourani has been thinking about how Fintech’s make money and has come up with five models: Nice & Simple : Subscriptions or Service Fees. Make it count : Brokerage Fees. Most Lucrative : Third Parties. Oldest Buddy : Advertising. The Gold Mines : Data & APIs. Read Tanya’s blog: Five ways for a Fintech to make money.

Open Banking

One small website button – one giant leap for payments to government

Great to see The Times covering Ecospend’s pay-by-bank solution going live on the HMRC website, the first government department to adopt Open Banking payments.  Paying your tax bill just got a whole lot easier. The 11 million people who fill out self-assessment forms online will no longer have to find credit card details, passwords or unique tax references when paying the taxman. Instead you will be given the […]


How payments work affects the society we live in

The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) have published their Annual Plan and Budget for 2021/22.  The PSR state that their focus for the coming twelve months will be on work that will improve outcomes by encouraging competition and innovation where it is needed most and putting the interests of everyone who uses payment systems first.  By doing this, the PSR wants to see people and […]

Payments Landscape

Card Industry Professionals appoint first NED

Card Industry Professionals (CIP) have appointed Mark Westwell as a Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Board. Card Industry Professionals have numerous years of experience within the card payments industry. CIP have witnessed and contributed to the evolution of how customers pay. With Debit Card payments having overtaken cash payments by 2017 (UK Finance – UK Payments Market Summary June 2019)  its […]


Connecting the Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are among the most remote places on earth: an untamed expanse of boundless landscapes and wild ocean, where penguins outnumber people one hundred to one. But they’re also a place of inspiring and resilient local businesses, run by enterprising locals. And now, the Falkland Islanders are running and growing their businesses with the latest technology from Square and Mastercard. With […]


Amazon Fresh – Is it AppEaling?

Amazon has opened its first “just walk out” grocery store in the UK where shoppers can pick up their goods and leave without having to visit a till. The Amazon Fresh store in Ealing, west London, is a “contactless” shop available to anyone signed up to Amazon and with the app on their phone. Checking out the checkout-less store Lockdown travel […]

Request to Pay

Request to Pay – a growing global trend in payments

Accenture (Amit Mallick and Sudipta Kundu) recently posted a blog about the important role Request to Pay (RtP) will play in the future of payments.  Accenture argue that RtP will bring flexibility to payers, cost reduction and efficiency to billers, and a huge value opportunity to financial services providers that have an Open Banking infrastructure in place. In the post, Accenture […]

Payments Landscape

The stage is set for digital payments – are we ready?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a profound and dramatic shift towards a digital society. All aspects of life in the UK are becoming increasingly digital, from purchasing our daily Latte, to accessing music or interacting with government. The digital shift was already happening, but it is absolutely clear that the pandemic has accelerated the transformation of how we pay for the goods and services we consume. No longer are ‘payments’ and […]


Payments modernisation programmes

Many payments systems around the world are being improved or rebuilt to serve the needs of a modern, digital culture. Payments System Modernisation is a huge challenge that affects the entire payments ecosystem. XMLdation have created an Infographic that shows the breadth of the impact globally for real time, high value, and other types of payments. The infographic covers: Examples of […]

Request to Pay

Request to Pay in words and pictures

This week we built a slide featuring our favourite Request to Pay words Digital | Empower | Priority | Friction Free | Flexible | Control | Ease of Use Read, subscribe and share Request to Pay: Unpacked is published by Mike Chambers and unpacks the UK’s new service that provides the ability to request payment for a bill.  Mike is the Chairman of Answer Pay who […]

Payments Landscape

Payment habits from Argentina to Vietnam – and the impact on cash use in the UK

2020 catapulted payments years ahead of projections Worldpay have just published their annual global payments report.  The report promises an in-depth look at how consumers are paying from Argentina to Vietnam and which methods are set to take the world by storm.  Worldpay promise as insight you can’t find anywhere else! Download: Worldpay annual global payments report. Global cash use at […]



Imagination: What could you do with a loan from Barclays? Earlier this week I posted an assignment from my late 1980’s Chartered Institute of Bankers course – this led me to wonder how did my fictional South East Bank pamphlet compare with real bank adverts from the late 1980’s?