Account-to-Account Payments

Digital payments for small business and “side-hustles”

Whether you are running a small businesses or enjoying the benefits of a “side hustle” sooner or later you’ll need to think about accepting payments digitally (“cashless” payments).

Although the bulk of in-store digital payments still go through the existing card systems (usually Visa or Mastercard) rather than customers paying retailers directly from their bank account, new ways of making digital payments are emerging. One such way is via an Account-to-Account (A2A) payment initiated via Open Banking.

In their simplest form, account-to-account payments move money directly from a payer’s bank account to a payee’s bank account without the need for intermediaries, such as credit or debit cards. As people use cash less, digital payments have grown significantly. New ways of making digital payments are becoming available to more people – such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Payment Systems Regulator

For new or existing small businesses and “side-hustlers” looking to take a small first step in accepting digital payments a simple, easy to implement and use solution is a pre-requisite – one such solution is the instant bank pay service from Atoa.

Cost effective Account to Account payments

Atoa offer the ability to accept payments with fees up to 70% lower than cards – all you need is your mobile phone and an app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Source: Atoa

Payment in three steps

Atoa promise a simple three step customer payment experience:

Source: Atoa

In-store QR Payment

Payment in-store with a QR code delivers a queue busting payment solution.

Source: Atoa

Unboxing Atoa

Unboxing the free Atoa “merchant box”, downloading the Apple / Android App and signing up to take payments via the service is easy (the app based sign up part took me less than five minutes in a hospital waiting room).

Adopting Atoa Instant Bank Pay

Source: Atoa

Adopt Atoa’s Instant Bank Pay and allow your customers to pay directly from their bank account simply by scanning a QR code at the checkout till – together with the added benefit of enjoying lower transaction fees and receiving instant payout to your bank account.

To adopt Atoa’s Instant Bank Pay or just to find out more click the button below (affiliate link):

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