Video: The future of payments

It was my privilege to be the key note speaker at the Fintech North ‘future of payments’ conference in Manchester. 

My talk outlined developments in the payments landscape, how the pandemic accelerated digitalisation and encouraged us to embrace digital payments.

My talk also touched on other themes such as:

  • Is Britain ready to go cashless?
  • The importance of payment choice – “how you pay, when you pay and who you pay”
  • “Payment certainty” and the mitigating fraud – “be sure how you pay”
  • “Direct Debit 3.0” how inflation will affect subscription-based businesses.
  • New ways to pay.
  • The rise of Open Banking and noted that Open Finance is the “next step” in the Open Banking journey towards a more rewarding experience.
  • Open Finance allowing providers banks to access financial data which will lead to increased competition, better-tailored financial services and improved financial health. He adds that over 6 million consumers and businesses have now used Open Banking (and this number is growing at a fast pace).

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