Podcast: Fraud Matters 2/4

In this podcast it was my privilege to join FICO’s Sarah Rutherford, senior director, portfolio marketing, for a discussion about the global perceptions of fraud management and customer experience.

In this second of four podcasts we: 

  • Discuss the impact of digital transformation on banking customer experiences.
  • Ask are banks getting digitial transformation right when it comes to fraud management?
  • Consider specific areas are consumers finding frustrating – and how can banks help deliver the experiences they expect.

FICO Fraud Matters Podcast – Episode 2

The FICO experts discuss the emerging issues surrounding fraud in the new digital transformation era – what does this mean for customer experience? 

Featuring Michael Chambers, Chief Executive of financial consultancy Northey Point and former CEO of the Bacs Payment Scheme; and Sarah Rutherford, senior director, portfolio marketing, at FICO.

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