The great un-subscription

Source: Finextra.

The pandemic fueled a mass subscription due to a shared feeling of all those stuck at home, boredom. As a result more people subscribed to Netflix with the streaming giant reaching 220 million subscribers globally. We clung to Netflix, our modern book club, as a way to connect with our loved ones. 

Our text chains were consumed with Tiger King, Bridgerton, and Squid Game. But then, we all went back to work. Like our other purchases, has Netflix begun to gather dust with the peloton bikes and cake tins bought in the changing Covid trends?

Something we should be doing more regularly is sitting down with our yearly bank statements and looking at what we have subscribed too. Scrutinize our direct debits and state our cases for which should be kept and which face the chop. Play the dual role of Defense and Prosecution. 

It seems reassessing our subscriptions is a collective thought. The Financial Times have reported on UK households cancelling streaming services in record numbers. Stating that ‘about 1.5 million accounts terminated within three months’, non-essentials are being evicted from our bank accounts. Netflix has taken a loss of about 200,000 subscribers in that three month time frame. 


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