Can open banking payment solutions help charities increase fundraising revenue?

Like many organisations, many of the UK’s charities and social enterprises have been hit hard by the pandemic. Nearly two years of on-off lockdowns hit face-to-face fundraising events – a key source of revenue for many charities – and cash donations. Some struggled to retain volunteers, while others faced an increase in demand for their services.

The average transaction value is almost twice the amount of a regular donation. We feel it’s an indicator people will choose the open banking option when making large donations, for security and fraud reasons.

Oliver Shaw-Latimer, Director of Global Fintech, JustGiving

As charities look towards the post-Covid fundraising landscape, OBIE’s new publication ‘The charities guide to growth through open banking’, highlights the opportunities offered by open banking payment solutions.

For more downloads the Open Banking Implementation Entity eBook:

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