What are our newsletter readers thinking?

It’s been nine months since our last newsletter survey, since then we have had amazing numbers of new subscribers and received great feedback (thank you). Over the past few weeks we’ve run a survey to see what our readers think about the Payments:Unpacked newsletter.

The infographic below speaks for itself but here are the headlines:

  • Top of the survey tree at 100% ratings are ‘enjoy’ reading Payments:Unpacked, ‘useful’ information published in the newsletter and the ‘quality’ of the information published.
  • Payments:Unpacked is obviously well read with 82% of respondents saying they read ‘every’ issue, adding ‘most’ issues takes the figure to 100%.
  • We are always pleased to see readers sharing Payments:Unpacked, 82% said that it is ‘very likely’ or ‘likely’ that they would share our newsletter with friends, colleagues and across their social media network.
  • If you are considering subscribing to the premium edition of Payments:Unpacked you are in good company as 81% are ‘already a subscriber’ or answered ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’. You can subscribe for just £40 a year at www.payments-unpacked.com/subscribe.
  • 73% of respondents said that Payments:Unpacked is the only ‘payments’ related newsletter that they subscribe to.
  • A massive 91% of respondents said that they are interested in hearing more about the UK’s proposed New Payments Architecture – if you are as well subscribe to our new newsletter at: www.npa-unpacked.com

And here’s the infographic

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