Pairing chip cards to a wearable with a phone tap

Digiseq have announced a wearables breakthrough through a mobile app that can turn any supported object embedded with an NFC chip into a contactless payment device.

The firm’s Manage Mii mobile app enables ‘Rapid Contactless Personalisation’ for consumers to embed any supported object, from shirt cuffs to jewellery, with contactless payment capabilities with just a tap of their phone. 

The service makes objects embedded with an NFC chip payment ready, without the need to be personalised by the manufacturer or at a retail kiosk before being ready to use.

This week Colin Tanner and I filmed a live transaction where I provisioned my own Alioth Pay ring with Mastercard using my own iPhone 12. I’m delighted that together we are making wearables a reality for the mass market.

Dave Birch

Here’s the video:

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