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Answer Pay has announced the go-live of its Request to Pay demonstrator – the new demonstrator enables billers, payers and payment services providers to experience the full Request to Pay journey for the first time, providing a greater understanding of the huge benefits of bill payments utilising Request to Pay.

Request to Pay addresses the competing needs of billers who want payment control and payers who want more flexibility.  Our demo shows that by enabling the payer to receive and aggregate their requests in their chosen supplier app you can improve the experience for both parties.

Mike Chambers, Chairman of Answer Pay

Key to the success of Request to Pay are Payment Service Providers as they provide the user interfaces for the biller and payer communities to access these new experiences demonstrated by Answer Pay. 

For biller facing PSPs this is an opportunity to access new revenue streams and simplify alternative payments.  For payer facing PSPs this could be what transforms your app from “nice to have” to “essential” as no one wants to miss a bill payment.

Mike Chambers, Chairman of Answer Pay

To experience Request to Pay, you’re invited to visit www.answerpay.uk/ RTP-walkthrough

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Answer Pay is an enabler to make the future of digital payments possible.

AnswerPay offer a white-label digital invoice and cash collection service certified by Pay.UK. AnswerPay serves banks and payment service providers (PSPs) by supplying their SPX™ interoperability platform to use existing applications and portals with the Request to Pay secure messaging ecosystem.

Together, Answer Pay cuts billing costs for companies, growing their audience and simplifying reconciliation—while increasing returns to you.

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