Podcast: Ten things you should know about Request to Pay

City Payments TripIn a break from the Payments:Unpacked podcast series here is a walk around the City of London reflecting on my career in payments.  Recollections may, of course, differ but the City's 'my word is my bond' is a constant throughout.Don't forget to subscribe to the Payments:Unpacked podcast in your favourite podcast app (and it's be great if you could rate us as well!)Also, make sure you subscribe to the free Payments:Unpacked newsletter at http://www.payments-unpacked.com Thank you for subscribing. Leave a comment or share this episode.
  1. City Payments Trip
  2. Unpacking Variable Recurring Payments (VRP's)
  3. Unpacking Confirmation of Payee (CoP)
  4. Unpacking card payments
  5. Unpacking ISO 20022

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