More ways to collect recurring payments

Lloyds Banking Group selects Eazy Collect to deliver specialist Direct Debit solutions

The Access Group has today (12 November 2020) announced it has been appointed by Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) to offer enhanced Direct Debit services to their customer base through Eazy Collect, acquired in 2019 by Access to enhance its payment processing capabilities.

With payment fintechs, new digital banks and other payment service providers entering the UK market, Lloyds Bank wants to offer its customers even more ways to collect recurring payments and benefit from the highly flexible and secure payment method.

Andy Stalsberg, founder and CEO of Eazy Collect

Eazy Collect offers a wide range of Direct Debit solutions to thousands of commercial organisations, not for profits and public sector organisations processing over 20 million transactions every year.

SME organisations can be left behind and considered too risky to allow participation in the Direct Debit Scheme but we specialise in striking the right balance of risk mitigation with the customer and enabling them to accept Direct Debits and focus on growing the health of their organisation.

Andy Stalsberg, founder and CEO of Eazy Collect


Visit Eazy Collect for more information.

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