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UK Payments fintech Ordo announce strategic distribution partnership with e-money platform, Contis

Ordo is making getting paid easy – helping businesses securely and simply collect bank payments from their customers.

No hidden fees.

No hassle.

No worries.

Open Banking is a game changer for businesses, not so much the technology, but what that technology means – no more waiting around for funds to appear in your account, no more late nights spent reconciling payments, no more hidden fees and high charges just to earn your income…with Ordo, there’s a new business normal that sees the business winning, with improved cash flow, lower costs, and service that makes it easy for their customers too. The world is full of instant on-the-go solutions with real-time notifications and updates, it’s time payments caught up with this, and by partnering with Contis, we can make even more business lives easier.

Fliss Berridge, Co-Founder, Ordo

Today (14 October 2020) Ordo have announced a brand new strategic distribution partnership with Contis.

We’re delighted to partner with Ordo to bring instant remittances and automatic reconciliation to businesses and account holders alike. At a time when finances are tight for many, the benefits of quick and secure digital money transfer are especially welcome. With this partnership, we have the potential to enhance payments capabilities for over 800,000 accounts and counting!

Peter Cox, CEO, Contis

Contis, founded in 2008, is also out to help businesses realise their vision. They provide end-to-end accounts and payments solutions, to empower companies and people in business and in life.

Contis know that everyone’s needs are unique, and they provide a platform and alternative payments technology to enable companies to build their own solution – with support every step of the way.

Ordo’s Open Banking enabled solution will soon be part of the Contis platform, accessible to all. With Ordo, giving smart, secure and automatic bank transfers, it’s the safest and fastest way of managing finances between people. It also takes the hassle out of requesting and tracking business payments with immediate money transfer and automatic invoice reconciliation.

This partnership will soon make loading accounts quicker and simpler for Contis’ end-customers. With the potential to benefit over 800,000 accounts, it’ll also simplify loan repayments, fund transfers between contacts and even splitting bills between friends.

…keeping track of your money has never been so quick and easy.

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