ATM Withdrawals: 30 September

It’s the last day of September and LINK report an ATM peak earlier (12.38) of 6,349 transactions in one minute.

However, last week (week ending 27 September) saw a 36% reduction in cash ATM withdrawals compared to the equivalent week last year:

Source: LINK

Helpfully, LINK produce a graph detailing the reduction in cash ATM withdrawals from 2017 through to 2020:

Source: LINK

Digital payment habits formed during COVID certainly seem to have become sticky.

The cash withdrawal ATM data from LINK aligns with the PSR who report that, in May, a Which study found that nearly half of all people who previously used cash for shopping, now pay entirely with a debit or credit card following the outbreak of Covid 19 and a further 25% have replaced some of their cash purchases with cards – use of cash for shopping since COVID-19.

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