Harry Redknapp buys a Big Mac

Frictionless and contactless – you can now order McDonald’s hands-free with Siri and Apple Pay

McDonald’s has launched a brand-new function on the My McDonald’s App where customers are now able to order and pay for their food using Siri and Apple Pay. 

Hands-free ordering is no longer a thing of the future as the latest innovation runs across all iPhones from today. 

Former player, football manager and rumoured technophobe, Harry Redknapp, proves he’s no such thing, as he orders a McDonald’s hands-free.

Harry demonstrates with ease how to order using Siri and Apple Pay, a new function that’s just launched, via the My McDonald’s App, breezing through his order using the Apple voice assistant.

 I’m still not sure where the idea of me not being good with tech has come from. Total nonsense.

Either way, I love a McDonald’s and I’m nothing but pleased that it’s been made so easy with Siri.

Not only am I glad you can order and pay using Siri and Apple Pay but I’m also glad I’ve had the chance to prove to everyone, including Sandra, that I can use technology.

Harry Redknapp

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