Education: the secret ‘sauce’

Creative use of branch window space by Barclays, helping their customers navigate their mobile banking app.

Picture: Mark O’Keefe

This helpful piece of customer education reminded me of a piece I wrote a few months ago about education being the secret ‘sauce’ for the successful implementation of payments regulation….

Education: the secret ‘sauce’ for the successful implementation of payments regulation

It’s 1997 and Tony Blair has just been elected prime minister, Katrina and the Waves have won the Eurovision song contest and Cool Britannia is starting to swing. The new prime minster quickly set out his priorities for office and ‘education, education, education’ is placed at the very top of the political agenda. Whilst one may argue that such a reality has never truly matched this rhetoric change; the importance of effective, accessible and inclusive education cannot be underestimated. But what part should education play in payments and what has education got to do with the future of payments regulation? I would argue that payment providers ignore embedding end user education into their regulatory change programmes at their peril.

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