Metro Bank launches Sensibill’s Digital Receipt Management

Crumpled up in your coat pocket or bag, you’ll probably find a receipt. That never-read, rarely-used and bin-destined piece of paper is the acknowledgement that something has been paid for or that goods have been received.

The oldest, discovered, receipt confirmed the sale five sheep, one lamb and four grass-fed male kids. It was written on a piece of clay measuring one inch by one inch and half inch thick (imagining carrying one of those around with you!)

In a recent subscriber edition of Payments, Payments, Payments we took a look at the humble receipt: What’s the story of receipts?

This week Sensibill announced that UK-based Metro Bank is live with a digital receipt management solution following a successful beta period. By leveraging the technology, the bank’s small business customers and gig workers can easily capture, store and attach their receipts to transactions from the convenience of their digital banking apps. This allows them to more effectively manage expenses and complete their taxes with increased efficiency and speed. The solution requires no sign up and is complimentary to Metro Bank’s small business customers as part of the bank’s small business banking toolkit.

“Managing paper receipts has been a notoriously cumbersome and inefficient experience for small businesses and gig workers. Through our partnership with Sensibill, we are modernizing and digitizing the process for these segments, helping them save time, create efficiencies and better manage their financial activities. During difficult times like these, our small businesses rely on us more than ever, which is why it’s so important to offer digital tools that make their financial lives easier and businesses more sustainable.”

David Thomasson, Chief Commercial Officer at Metro Bank

Find out more: Metro Bank launches Sensibill’s Digital Receipt Management.

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