The 2020s Will Be A World Recast By Technology, As Predicted In 1975

It was June 29, 1975 when Steve Wozniak demonstrated the first Apple computer — essentially microcircuits embedded in a wooden chassis — to his colleague Steve Jobs, and the personal computing industry began to bud.

Just two months before that, Bill Gates and Steve Allen launched Microsoft to produce software for the Altair 8800.

In a special supplement to the Philadelphia Daily News published April 14, 1975, Shayon predicted that by 2025, newspapers will be published and viewed on television screens. “You won’t buy the newspaper at the newsstand,” he said. “You will retrieve it at home by pressing a button on a small keyboard near a transistorized flat wallscreen.”

What audacious dreams do today’s entrepreneurs, innovators and thinkers have for the decades ahead? And who are the visionaries who are today looking not just five or 10, but 50 years ahead? How do they envision technology changing people’s lives and livelihoods? 

Grab a coffee and read this Forbes article: The 2020s Will Be A World Recast By Technology.

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