Whether it’s reboot or recovery, the future is open

Today, 5 May 2020, Tony Craddock from the Emerging Payments Association shared news on the launch of Project Recovery / Reboot.

On behalf of Eazy Collect I am pleased to lead this new group.

Tony describes the purpose of the EPA’s Project Recovery / Reboot as a new working group, led by Mike Chambers of Eazy Collect and mentored by Alan King from Fleetcor, will pull together the numerous sources of support, resource, assistance and advice for people across payments to help mitigate the damage caused by the pandemic.

The sources of support, resource, assistance and advice will be featured in an online hub available to everyone and promoted widely through our social networks. If just one company uses this to help them in this time of considerable challenge, or just one executive uses this for guidance or inspiration, the project will have succeeded.

Tony’s hunch is that it will benefit many more and will be a catalyst for new partnerships and new relationships that will help everyone involved.

Tony’s shout-out to some of those involved in this project includes: Jackie Barker, Neira Jones and Mike Peplow are helping to define, build and promote the hub. Tessa Unsworth, Angela Yore, Scott Abrahams and Asim Mohammed from the EPA’s Advisory Board are contributing too.

If you have something you’d like to contribute, contact Tom Brewin at the Emerging Payments Association.

This project is part of what the EPA is doing to ensure society is better served by payments, promoting an inclusive and diverse society where trusted, secure and accessible payments benefit everyone.

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