Benchmarking ‘no-show’ Direct Debit cancellations

Rapidata, an Access company, have created a guide to help an organisation benchmark ‘no-show’ Direct Debit cancellations; an exercise that can identify unnecessary donor attrition and generate additional income that would otherwise be written off.

While in recent years regular giving cancellation levels have been generally low, it is evident that no-shows account for a significant proportion of failed Direct Debit payments. Yet for charities, and particularly during economic uncertainty and increasing demand on services, every penny counts.

Boost regular giving by Direct Debit

By monitoring no-show rates and breaking them down into their different types, charities can begin to understand and address the issue. Taking affirmative responsive action based on the reason behind each one can and does help to reduce unnecessary supporter attrition and loss of income, as well as build longer-term, stronger relationships that benefit both sides.

Rapidata have identified a five step process of Monitor, Understand, Explore, Respond and Control.

This process has helped reduce cancellations and boost regular giving by Direct Debit.

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