Explore the UK’s payment landscape

At Direct Debit 101 we provide our clients with the knowledge and tools to confidently implement, launch and manage a Direct Debit scheme.

As we share our Direct Debit experience with clients we constantly find that there is a significant interest in developing a wider understanding of the UK’s changing payment landscape.

To compliment our selection of Direct Debit training modules we have developed an interactive module that explores the UK’s current and changing payments landscape.

Our ‘payments landscape’ module covers the current payment landscape, the governance and operation of payments in the UK, the evolution of the existing payment mechanisms, the emergence of new payment options such as Confirmation of Payee (CoP), Request to Pay (RtP) and Open Banking’s variable recurring payments (VRP).

We also cover the emerging payments landscape envisaged under the New Payments Architecture (NPA) – a new model for the future development of the UK’s shared retail payment infrastructure.

We find that our ‘payments landscape’ module is usually best delivered for a single client ‘in house’ but we are also able to share the module to a wider audience at an event or a shared location.

Find out more at www.directdebit101.co.uk

We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements, please email us at DirectDebit101@northeypoint.co.uk or call us on 07590 538 820.

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