Digitised, frictionless haircuts

I’ve been cashless for so long that paying for things digitally is no longer a ‘thing’ but just normal.

However, every so often a payment experience is so smooth, integrated and frictionless that the experience evokes a ‘wow’ moment.

Who would have thought that a hair cut in a sleepy coastal Suffolk town would generate a ‘wow’ (payment) moment for a seasoned cashless campaigner?

Enter Sir & Co, barbers to the gentry of Aldeburgh.

Not only have Sir & Co (www.sirbarber.com) truly embraced cashless payments they have completely digitised the booking, payment and feedback process to make the whole process super smooth and frictionless – the only thing I had to do was present my head for the clippers to do their work.

On closer inspection the technology it becomes apparent that the underlying service is delivered by Fresha (www.fresha.com). Fresha focus on software for salons and spas which schedules appointments, covers POS, product inventory, analytics, payment processing and marketing promotions – claiming to be a complete solution to manage and grow a business.

One of the cashless adoption challenges people often cite to me is that the local barbers or hairdressers always demand cash in return for a short back and sides.

Sir and Co, supported by Fresha, have found an exceptional (cashless and frictionless) solution.

So when your barber says ‘cash only’ why not suggest they visit www.fresha.com ?

(No, I am not on commission!)

To keep up with payments and cashless news visit: www.cashlessuk.org

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