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With the current growth in FinTechs, digital banks, challenger banks and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and initiatives like Open Banking and PSD2, the next few years will be momentous for payments in the UK and the wider European payments environment.

The current payments infrastructure in the UK is changing. The New Payments Architecture (NPA) and competitive overlay services like Request to Pay (RtP) and Confirmation of Payee (CoP) are going to have a significant impact on payments.

At The Payments Business it is our belief that these issues need to be considered and addressed now and we’d like to encourage you to explore and unpack these changes with us.

Our mission is to promote the efficient and effective use of payments in the UK financial services market. We will be doing this by:

  • being the voice of payments
  • enabling participants to navigate the payments landscape and
  • signposting relevant solutions.

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We will be sharing much more over the coming weeks but for now:

Mike Chambers | Co-founder and Chairman | The Payments Business Limited

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