Northey Point celebrates a successful first year of business

Northey Point celebrates a successful first year of business.

After over a decade as the Chief Executive Officer of the UK’s biggest retail payment system and bank account switching service Mike established Northey Point Limited on the 1 October 2018 and began a portfolio career.

As Northey Point celebrates its first successful year, Mike’s portfolio already includes an INED at a financial institution specialising in the custody and settlement of digital assets, a director at a leading Bacs bureau, undertaking payments advisory engagements for a number of clients and he is pleased to be an Ambassador for the Emerging Payments Association.

Mike is also a cashless advocate encouraging a planned and inclusive transition into a cashless society.

Utilising this vast experience Mike also speaks on the changing landscape of retail payments in the UK and the advantages of being cashless from the perspective of a consumer.

The next twelve months will see further expansion for Northey Point as it extends its activity into areas including payments training and engaging market participants on the subject of the changing retail payments landscape.

To make an enquiry about a payments advisory engagement or a speaking engagement please contact Mike at

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