A country wide problem- really?

Although the roll out of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is going to be a long and slow process and may even be modified by the authorities it is clear that SCA is already impacting purchases made on the high street.

The picture above was taken this morning at the tills of a major UK retailer. Clearly a need for better communication for customers!

If this subject is new to you find out more about SCA in my previous blog: http://northeypoint.com/2019/09/15/help-why-has-my-contactless-payment-just-been-declined/

Although SCA is a welcome initiative to combat fraud it is adding friction to some contactless payments.

Friction that, without better communication, may lead to abandoned purchases or unintended consequences for the future success of contactless payments.

The simple solution to a declined contactless payment:

If your contactless payment is declined then insert your card in the machine and use your PIN To authorise the payment – then you can revert back to making contactless payments again(until you hit the authorisation limit).

A simple hack:

There is a simple hack to this payment friction – due to the way they operate neither Apple Pay or Google Pay digital wallets are not subject to this check.

May be it is time to digitise your debit card and become contactless, walletless and enjoy friction free payments!

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