Moderate with Moderation – 10 Steps to running a successful panel discussion

Last night I moderated an event hosted by GBG with the great title: “Future of UK for FinTechs: Is the branch dead?”

We unpacked the question by looking at issues such as:

– Is the bank branch dead?

– What is the role for bank branches?

– Will the pendulum swing back to traditional face-to-face contact?

Grateful thanks for everyone who participated in the event so positively – if you missed the event you can catch the key points via the Twitter hashtag #GBGMeetup

In preparing for the event I found an article by Angela DeFinis to be really helpful. The article is called “Moderate with Moderation” and outlines 10 helpful steps to running a successful panel discussion.

Angela DeFinis is an expert in professional public speaking. As an author, speaker, and CEO/Founder of DeFinis Communications Inc., she has spent over twenty years helping business professionals find solutions to their communication challenges and develop a broader repertoire of potent speaking skills.

Angela recommends these 10 tips to ensure you moderate panel sessions with ease so you can showcase your panelists and ultimately yourself.

If you are involved in moderating events I would throughly recommend reading this article:

What do you think about these top tips? Let me know what other things you have found work for you via the comments section below.

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