Wallet-less and frictionless payments

Two weeks into my second cashless year – https://northeypoint.com/2019/08/24/dont-think-of-it-as-going-cashless-think-of-it-as-an-upgrade-to-the-21st-century/ – and having mastered being cashless I am now focussing on being ‘wallet-less’ and mastering ‘frictionless’ payments.

A simple approach to being cashless

My cashless approach is a Mastercard debit card from Starling Bank, a Visa credit card from Barclaycard all loaded into my Apple Pay wallet with the plastic card used as contingency – with my wallet related to the drawer.

Whilst this approach has worked very well for being cashless (apart from a minor blip at the Post Office – see below) not having my wallet left me unable to provide proof of identity at a clients reception. An unintended consequence of being wallet- less!

Are you worried about being careless?

This week I ran a Twitter poll asking “If you are cashless are you worried about being cardless?”

77% of respondent to the poll replied “no cardless works for me.

So, this week I left my wallet in the drawer and tried out being “wallet-less”.

Frictionless payments

Top of my ‘frictionless’ payment week is the excellent Train Line app making a trip into London very smooth – payment, ticketing and service status all built into a single app and completely integrated. A very different train experience from when I first starting commuting into the City (1985 if you must ask).

Bottom of my ‘frictionless’ (and ‘wallet-less’) week was at the Post Office. I found out that Apple Pay was OK to buy a stamp, but I needed a physical card to send a parcel and had to use a different and very slow ‘dial up’ POS device to buy a paper. My ‘wallet-less’ experiment meant a trip back home to get a debit card. This was about as far from a unified consumer experience as is possible.

BBC South News

My week finished with an interview on BBC South News talking about the changing landscape of banking, digital only banks and being cashless. The programme is just about to disappear from the BBC iPlayer but Joe Merriman captures the interview on his Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/JoeCMerriman/status/1170288370074947591

Is the bank branch dead?

This week I will be moderating a debate being organised by GBG “Future of UX for FinTechs: Is the branch dead”. You can follow the debate via the Twitter hashtag: #GBGMeetup or why not be there in person: https://twitter.com/mike_chambers/status/1166770234897944580

The Social CEO

I’ll finish my weekly blog with a quote from The Social CEO by Damian Corbet:

“Change is happening and it will continue. It’s disruptive, challenging and uncomfortable. It’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

The Social CEO by Damian Corbet:

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