Five cashless (non) challenges

In the interests of balance……

Following sharing the reasons for being cashless ( some of the leading cashless advocates in the UK have also shared their cashless challenges.

Spoiler alert: More cashless blips than real challenges!

1: Minimum card spend – apparently against the Visa and Mastercard rules and thankfully now a rare sight on the UK’s High Street.

2: Smaller shops not accepting cards, although many cashless advocates just go elsewhere and find a shop that takes cards. Apart from two people who said they’d use cash at the barbers if they had to. One respondent said that he became an unofficial iZettle sales person if he found somewhere that was cash only.

3: Tips in restaurants seem to be one of cash last stands for the cashless consumer. Sometimes because it is the only way to tip and sometimes to be more certain that the staff will benefit.

4: Despite the rise of Uber in urban areas a number of people responded by wishing that all taxis took cashless. Whilst paying in cash for a taxi in Hong Kong the other day one respondent thought about my drive for a cashless society as he handed over his cash.

5: Interestingly only one person mentioned getting to the till and finding out the card machine wasn’t working – a testament to a resilience card based POS network.

Five cashless (non)challenges – what cashless challenges do you experience?

Post a comment and share your experiences.

Tomorrow we follow with cashless tips – including the benefits of carrying a Princes Corned Beef tin opener in your pocket.

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