Cashless UK is a reality

Great response to my poll ‘How Cashless are you’ – well 64 votes anyway.

Results for what they are worth (hardly robust):

100% cashless = 33%

75% cashless = 52%

50% cashless = 13%

25% cashless = 2%

So, 85% of respondents said that they are either completely cashless or well on the way to getting there.

43 weeks in I’m 100% cashless and it is not just a London thing – from right across the UK to the island of Unst in the Shetland Islands and across many European countries I’ve proved cashless is efficient and convenient.

Sure cashless is not for everyone but I don’t buy the ‘sleep walking’ scare story shared by some.

With inclusive, accessible and easy to use cashless options plus a little bit of education almost everyone can be cashless if they want to be.

We not need a mandate to force the continued existence of cash but we do need to ensure that there are always a broad range of cash and cashless payment options and let the consumer decide the payment types that work for them.

Of course the reality is that the 2019 cash withdrawal figures released by Link demonstrate a significant and fast paced migration to cashless payments is already underway.

We are fast approaching a cashless society!

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