Cashless in Shetland – Day 3

Landed in Lerwick early this morning after a rough (and eventful) overnight ferry crossing.

First stop was to send an eBay parcel that I didn’t have time to send before I left England – just £3 to send from the Post Office counter at Bigton Community Stores – proudly displaying an ‘ApplePay’ logo.

Scratched together a make-shift breakfast at the Bigton Community Store – sausage roll and a coffee. Debit cards accepted but the shop displayed the now almost extinct ‘minimum £5 purchase’ sign – fortunately my purchase was over £5 so paid with ApplePay.

Visited the site of St Ninian’s chapel and saw the final resting ground for silver coins – thrown through a grate to rest alongside the ancient chapel wall.

Very smooth crossing from Shetland mainland to Yell – cash or cheque only with Shetland Council Island Ferries (who actually carries a cheque book these days?). Had to resort to a cash payment – staff very happy in their work and friendly!

Assumed that the Old Haa museum and coffee shop wouldn’t take card based payments but they do (although the thick building walls means the card reader only works in certain places). Overheard two ‘older’ people discussing how everyone is becoming cashless these days – did my best not to join the conversation!

Final stop of the day was the shop in Cullivoe – ApplePay accepted of course.

Cold, wet and windy but almost perfectly cashless!

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