Cashless in Shetland – Day 1

For the last 41 weeks I have been conducting a cashless experiment – I’ve proved that it is entirely possible to dispense notes and coins to the ‘legacy’ payment hall of fame and have been liberated by contactless, CHIP & PIN and ApplePay.

The experience has been universal – the same cashless experience in cities, towns and villages, a common experience in the UK and Europe and every type of payment I make is now cashless (apart from tips which remain my only cash based payment).

So I am assuming my visit to Yell, Unst and Fetlar on the Shetland Islands will be a cashless experience as the islands are part of the UK.

Over the next few days my cashless experiment will extend to the most northern tip of the UK – follow my blog to see how I get on.

Just in case I experience a problem I made a visit to an ATM to get some cash as a contingency – withdrawing cash at an ATM and putting it in a wallet felt very retro!

This evening saw the first leg of the journey north – from Essex to Carlisle.

Effortless and convenient cashless experience on this first leg of the journey:

– limitless ApplePay for fuel Morrison’s (unlike their competitors) – every little helps!

– ApplePay at service stations

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