Vertical banknotes in Belfast

Spent the week in Belfast.

As you would expect Belfast is as cashless as anywhere in the UK – even down to a 65p bottle of water in Boots.

However, Northern Ireland has very cool bank notes so I did indulge in using an Ulster Bank ATM to withdraw a couple of the new vertical bank notes.

Not sure how I will get on spending the vertical ten pound notes in England but I will try and see what reaction I get.

Belfast is a fine wee city but as with any city in the UK is was sad to see the visible impact of homelessness on the streets of Belfast so I was pleased to support the #verticalfiver initiative and donate my first UlsterBank issued vertical note to the Welcome Organisation @homelessbelfast

If you are in Northern Ireland why not donate your first (or second or third…..) vertical bank note and raise cash for a local charity?

If you are not in Northern Ireland then you can support the work of the Welcome Organisation amongst the homeless in Belfast via:

Also a quick shout out to the Northern Ireland depression charity Aware NI (@AwareNI) offering support and education who sent me the following Tweet earlier this week:

“HI Mike. We would be happy to be the proud owners of your #firstfiver 🙂 #DontAskDontGet”.

Sorry but didn’t manage to get you my first vertical bank note but I couldn’t ignore your speculative Tweet so I have donated via your website – you can support the work of Aware NI via:

This is my 28th week of cashless payments and I have been happy to break my challenge to get hold of an Ulster Bank vertical bank note and to support the work of Welcome Organisation.

Perhaps I’ve encouraged you to donate your first vertical fiver or tenner.

Although for the cashless people both charities also take cashless donations!

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